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Dec 6
2:40 PM

Client Spotlight: Windy Cindy Habitat for Humanity

We love getting the opportunity to work with Habitat for Humanity affiliates across the country. We've worked with the Chicago location for the past few years to help create their volunteer and staff apparel!

Check out the most recent design we helped with below! 

Nov 22
1:55 PM

Client Spotlight: Howloween 2016

Thanksgiving might be in just two short days, but we are still stuck on some of the awesome Halloween-themed designs we helped create this October! 

Check out these race shirts, featuring all of the event sponsors! 


Nov 15
10:48 AM

Client Spotlight: AEPhi Disney

We love working with different Greek Life chapters across the country! 

Check out this week's Client Spotlight featuring the Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority. 

Check out these super cute tank-tops we helped create for the ladies to wear on their trip to Disney World!

Nov 10
1:48 PM

Client Spotlight: Phi Iota Alpha

The Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity's mission is to develop leaders and create innovative ways to unite the Latino community. The fraternity's roots extend from the late 19th century to the first Latino fraterniy and the first Latino student organization in the United States. 

One of the fraternity's chapters in Texas were in need of some shirts for homecoming.

CreateMyTee helped create these shirts for the men to represent their chapter on campus! 


Nov 8
12:55 PM

Client Spotlight: UCSD Chinese American Student Association

Check out today's Client Spotlight featuring this group of students from sunny San Diego, California!

The Chinese American Student Association at The University of California, San Diego were in need of some shirts.

CreateMyTee helped create these unique tank-tops for the members of the organization to wear!

Nov 3
12:15 PM

Client Spotlight: Rivertown Runners

Rivertown Runners is an organization committed to developing community running events for members and other runners with the purpose of benefitting local charities and putting the ‘fun’ back in the run.

A group of the runners were in need of some t-shirts to wear during the 7th annual Sleepy Hollow 10k run located in New York.

CreateMyTee helped create these "Team Paola" t-shirts for the runners to wear during the event!


Nov 1
10:30 AM

Client Spotlight: University of Michigan Health Center

We enjoy working with different health facilities across the country, especially here in Ann Arbor, Michigan! 

Check out today's #ClientSpotlight featuring one of the University of Michigan's Health centers.

The Pulmonary & Nephrology pod at the center were in need of some T-Shirts. We helped create these "Be Good to Your Organs" t-shirts for the staff members! 

Oct 28
4:00 PM

10 Last Minute Halloween Costumes You Only Need a T-Shirt For!

October is almost Octover and Halloween is right around the corner! If you've been as busy as we've been, you haven't been able to put much thought into what you're going to be this Halloween.

Why go out and drop a whole bunch of money on a costume when you can make your own with just a T-shirt! (and a few other small materials you probably already have lying around.)

We've put together a list of the top 10 costume ideas that are simple, inexpensive, and still remarkably clever.  


Bulletin Board

T-Shirt Color: Brown

Other Supplies: Post it note cards

Other Tips: Bring a sharpie and have your friends write messages on you all night!


Deviled Egg

T-Shirt Color: White

Other Supplies: Devil horns and tail. Yellow felt for cicle in the middle. 

Other Tips: Wear white pants too!

Dust Bunny

T-Shirt Color: Gray

Other Supplies: Bunny ears and a supply of white tulle spraypainted brown.

Other Tips: Grab a tail and carry around a dust pan!

Ceiling Fan

T-Shirt Color: Red

Other Supplies: Pom Poms

Other Tips: Write Go Ceiling on t-shirt. Act as if you're actually a fan of the Ceiling team!

Life Gives You Lemons

T-Shirt Color: White

Other Supplies: Lemons

Other Tips: Write life on your t-shirt and carry around the lemons 

Chip on Your Shoulder

T-Shirt Color: Yellow

Other Supplies: Bag of chips

Other Tips: You can use any chip you prefer! Bring extra for your friends :)

Bread Winner

T-Shirt Color: Blue

Other Supplies: Loaf of bread and a medal.

Other Tips: Check out the dollar store for cheap plastic medals to wear. 

Tickled Pink

T-Shirt Color:Pink

Other Supplies: Anything pink!

Other Tips: Grab anything you own thats pink and easy as that, you're tickled pink!

Fork In The Road

T-Shirt Color: Black

Other Supplies: Fork and white felt.

Other Tips: Attach strips of white felt down the front of your t-shirt to represent a road, tape the fork to the center of the shirt.

Grapes Of Wrath

T-Shirt Color: Purple

Other Supplies: Balloons and faux vine.

Other Tips: Write "By John Steinbeck" on the shirt, safetypin purple balloons to the shirt and create a vine headband to wear.



Oct 27
12:36 PM

Client Spotlight: Habitat For Humanity Honolulu

Check out today's Client Spotlight featuring this organization from Hawaii!

Honolulu Habitat for Humanity's mission is to eliminate poverty housing on Oahu.  The non-profit organization made an initial construction project of 2016 to deliver six new homes in Honolulu. Darleene Kaniho became the first recipient of the organizations project. 

CreateMyTee had the pleasure of working with the organization to help print these shirts, worn while rebuilding Darleene's home. 



Oct 25
12:00 PM

Client Spotlight: Beacon Barbell Club

Check out this week's Client Spotlight featuring The Beacon Barbell Club.

Located out of New York, this weightlifting club is geared towards building solid foundation and discovering true potential. 

CreateMyTee helped create these awesome shirts and tanks for the members and staff to wear!

Oct 20
12:17 PM

Client Spotlight: Team Ayana

Today's Client Spotlight features a group who were in need of some shirts for Cancer run & walk event held in New Jersey.


CreateMyTee helped create these bright and supportive t-shirts to represent Ayana, a strong cancer survivor.


Go Team Ayana!

Oct 18
11:30 AM

Client Spotlight: Spirit In The Sky

Check out today's Client Spotlight featuring this group from Troy, Michigan who were in need of some t-shirts to honor a special "Spirit In The Sky"

CreateMyTee helped create these eye-catching camo t-shirts to remember the life of Brian John Coster. 

R.I.P Brian John Coster. 

Oct 13
1:10 PM

Client Spotlight: La Crosse, WI Senior Bar Crawl

Becoming a senior and graduating is a huge deal and what better way to celebrate than to go on a bar crawl with all your close friends!

Check out these awesome t-shirts we helped create for this group of seniors from La Crosse, Wisconsin to wear while celebrating!

 Cheers! and Congratulations!


Oct 11
11:15 AM

Client Spotlight: Strides For Sparc

Check out this week's #ClientSpotlight featuring this group from PA who are apart of Strides For SPARC which is a fun filled, family oriented event, supporting the efforts of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Autism Resource Center. 

The event begins with a 5k run/walk in the morning and also includes a family fun day filled with games, crafts, and activities for children and families of all ages!

We helped create these awesome t-shirts for the event!


Oct 6
1:10 PM

Client Spotlight: HCP Gladiators

Fear the beard! 

CreateMyTee helped create these unique tanks & t-shirts for the HCP Gladiators to wear!

Oct 4
12:36 PM

Client Spotlight: Steubenville Pilgrimage

"When you approach the tabernacle remember that he has been waiting for you for twenty centuries." -St. Josemaria Escriva

CreateMyTee helped this group create these shirts for the Church Of Epiphany!

Sep 30
12:22 PM

Top 10 College Football Rivalries

When a specific game between two teams has been steeped in history and passed down for so long that the teams will never like each other; thats what makes a good rivalry. Rivalries are the life blood of the sport and most fanbases would consider a win against a rival team a successful season, regardless what happens the rest of it. College football has been played for well over a century and some rivalries will never die.

Here are some of the top college football rivalries of all time...


1. Army vs Navy

First meeting in 1890. Navy leads series, 59-49-7.

2. Alabama vs Auburn

First meeting in 1893. Alabama leads series, 43-35-1.

3. Michigan vs Ohio State

First meeting in 1897. Michigan leads series, 58-46-6.

4. Oklahoma vs Texas

First meeting in 1890. Navy leads series, 59-49-7.

5. Florida vs Georgia

First meeting in 1915. Georgia leads series, 50-41-2. 

6. Notre Dame vs USC

First meeting in 1900. Notre Dame leads series, 45-36-5.

7. West Virginia vs Pittsburgh

First meeting in 1895. Pittsburgh leads series, 61-40-3.

8. Clemson vs South Carolina

First meeting in 1896. Clemson leads series, 66-42-4.

9. Utah vs BYU

First meeting in 1896. Utah leads series, 57-34-4.

10. Oregon vs Oregon State

First meeting in 1894. Oregon leads series, 63–46–10. 


College football is just getting started! Make sure to order all your customized fan apparel from CreateMyTee this football season to show off your team spirit and look better than your rival team!

Sep 29
12:14 PM

Client Spotlight: First Baptist Church

First Baptist Church located in Michigan were in need of some shirts for a trip to West Virginia.

CreateMyTee helped create these t-shirts for the Youth Mission Trip this past summer!

Sep 27
11:38 AM

Client Spotlight: Crossfit Enclave

Located in Illinois, Crossfit Enclave is a box filled with strong, dedicated, and determined athletes who continue to push themselves to the limit daily.

CreateMyTee helped create these shirts for an event held by Crossfit Enclave. 

Sep 22
12:30 PM

Client Spotlight: Lamarche Family Reunion

The Lamarche Family Reunion has been taking place every year since 2013.

CreateMyTee got to help design and print these t-shirts for the family to wear while they played games, ate good food, and spent time together during the event!