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Oct 20
12:17 PM

Client Spotlight: Team Ayana

Today's Client Spotlight features a group who were in need of some shirts for Cancer run & walk event held in New Jersey.


CreateMyTee helped create these bright and supportive t-shirts to represent Ayana, a strong cancer survivor.


Go Team Ayana!

Oct 18
11:30 AM

Client Spotlight: Spirit In The Sky

Check out today's Client Spotlight featuring this group from Troy, Michigan who were in need of some t-shirts to honor a special "Spirit In The Sky"

CreateMyTee helped create these eye-catching camo t-shirts to remember the life of Brian John Coster. 

R.I.P Brian John Coster. 

Oct 13
1:10 PM

Client Spotlight: La Crosse, WI Senior Bar Crawl

Becoming a senior and graduating is a huge deal and what better way to celebrate than to go on a bar crawl with all your close friends!

Check out these awesome t-shirts we helped create for this group of seniors from La Crosse, Wisconsin to wear while celebrating!

 Cheers! and Congratulations!


Oct 11
11:15 AM

Client Spotlight: Strides For Sparc

Check out this week's #ClientSpotlight featuring this group from PA who are apart of Strides For SPARC which is a fun filled, family oriented event, supporting the efforts of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Autism Resource Center. 

The event begins with a 5k run/walk in the morning and also includes a family fun day filled with games, crafts, and activities for children and families of all ages!

We helped create these awesome t-shirts for the event!


Oct 6
1:10 PM

Client Spotlight: HCP Gladiators

Fear the beard! 

CreateMyTee helped create these unique tanks & t-shirts for the HCP Gladiators to wear!

Oct 4
12:36 PM

Client Spotlight: Steubenville Pilgrimage

"When you approach the tabernacle remember that he has been waiting for you for twenty centuries." -St. Josemaria Escriva

CreateMyTee helped this group create these shirts for the Church Of Epiphany!

Sep 30
12:22 PM

Top 10 College Football Rivalries

When a specific game between two teams has been steeped in history and passed down for so long that the teams will never like each other; thats what makes a good rivalry. Rivalries are the life blood of the sport and most fanbases would consider a win against a rival team a successful season, regardless what happens the rest of it. College football has been played for well over a century and some rivalries will never die.

Here are some of the top college football rivalries of all time...


1. Army vs Navy

First meeting in 1890. Navy leads series, 59-49-7.

2. Alabama vs Auburn

First meeting in 1893. Alabama leads series, 43-35-1.

3. Michigan vs Ohio State

First meeting in 1897. Michigan leads series, 58-46-6.

4. Oklahoma vs Texas

First meeting in 1890. Navy leads series, 59-49-7.

5. Florida vs Georgia

First meeting in 1915. Georgia leads series, 50-41-2. 

6. Notre Dame vs USC

First meeting in 1900. Notre Dame leads series, 45-36-5.

7. West Virginia vs Pittsburgh

First meeting in 1895. Pittsburgh leads series, 61-40-3.

8. Clemson vs South Carolina

First meeting in 1896. Clemson leads series, 66-42-4.

9. Utah vs BYU

First meeting in 1896. Utah leads series, 57-34-4.

10. Oregon vs Oregon State

First meeting in 1894. Oregon leads series, 63–46–10. 


College football is just getting started! Make sure to order all your customized fan apparel from CreateMyTee this football season to show off your team spirit and look better than your rival team!

Sep 29
12:14 PM

Client Spotlight: First Baptist Church

First Baptist Church located in Michigan were in need of some shirts for a trip to West Virginia.

CreateMyTee helped create these t-shirts for the Youth Mission Trip this past summer!

Sep 27
11:38 AM

Client Spotlight: Crossfit Enclave

Located in Illinois, Crossfit Enclave is a box filled with strong, dedicated, and determined athletes who continue to push themselves to the limit daily.

CreateMyTee helped create these shirts for an event held by Crossfit Enclave. 

Sep 22
12:30 PM

Client Spotlight: Lamarche Family Reunion

The Lamarche Family Reunion has been taking place every year since 2013.

CreateMyTee got to help design and print these t-shirts for the family to wear while they played games, ate good food, and spent time together during the event! 

Sep 20
11:48 AM

Client Spotlight: Cherry Creek Seniors

Check out this week’s Client Spotlight featuring this group of ladies from Cherry Creek High School in Greenwood Village, Colorado.

We were more than happy to help the seniors design these tanks to help make their graduation a memorable one!

Congrats graduates!

Sep 16
11:56 AM

10 Reasons Why Autumn Is The Best

 There are two times of year: Autumn and waiting for Autumn. Every season has its perks; but none quite like fall. Everything outside is color-filled & beautiful while everything inside is warm & cozy. It really is the best time of the year. Now that we can offically say goodbye to summer, here are some things to look forward to... 


Get ready to put away all your summer clothes and bring out all the cozy attire that will keep you warm during the chilly weather. This includes all the comfy scarves and beanies too! Layering is key!



Let there be pumpkin spice! Head to your local starbucks and get your pumpkin spice latte fix. I know you've been waiting all year for it. Might as well grab your ugg boots and leggings while you're at it.


Put your Netflix account aside for a little and take the time to watch all your favorite shows as they air on TV. Also, get ready to watch all those Autumn themed shows and movies (Freeform always has the best movies this time of year!)


The art of pumpkin carving. This is your time to get creative! Start thinking about what you are going to carve into your pumpkin… or better yet what you’re going to be for Halloween this year.  

FINALLY! No more bugs! Time to say goodbye to all the weird creepy crawlers as they all start to die. So long stink bugs! Don't be mistaken though, some survive and camoflauge as leaves! 


The breezy Autumn weather is probably the most anticipated thing during the fall months but the scenery of the season is just abolutely amazing. Watch the leaves beautifully change colors and create the perfect fall atmosphere. (and creating that satisfying crunch when you step on a pile of nice crisp leaves)

Head to Target to get your fall themed home decor. Then head to yankee candle and purchase all the seasonal candles you can find. My favorites are in the flannel collection and of course you can always spice up your life with a pumpkin candle (see what I did there).


Re-activate your Pinterest account and start getting the ingredients together to create some hot and hearty meals. Don't forget to make some hot chocolate and snuggle up on the couch during your food coma. 

Now you don't have to feel guilty about not wanting to go out. You will have a constant excuse to use when you don't want to go out; your friends won't be able to say anything and you'll feel super satisfied with just staying in on your couch for an entire weekend. That being said, Hocus Pocus and chill anyone?



And of course, get ready to order all your seasonal customized apparel from CreateMyTee!  Check out our wide variety of apparel options and designs for the upcoming fall and winter months! Stay cozy!


Sep 15
1:57 PM

Client Spotlight: Eastwood Childcare Center

Check out this week's Client Spotlight featuring Eastwood Baptist Church in Lousiana. 

The staff and faculty of the Eastwood Childcare Center were in need some some shirts.

We helped them create these colorful "Jesus Shines at ECC" shirts!

Sep 13
4:19 PM

Client Spotlight: Coldplay Fans

Going to a Coldplay concert and have no idea what to wear? How about a "Chris Martin For President" t-shirt! 

CreateMyTee was more than happy to help this group of fans create these awesome Chris Martin shirts to help make their night a memorable one!

Sep 8
2:15 PM

Top 10 Things You Need For a Successful Tailgate


Football, friends, and good food on a breezy autumn day: sounds like a winning combination to us. Tailgating season is finally here, and we want to fire up the grill and cheer on our favorite team just as must as you do. But first we must make sure we have all the essential things to be able to throw the perfect tailgate. It's about more than just a cooler full of beer & a football team; It's a lifestyle.



1. Beer, Beer, and More Beer!

Come on, this should’ve been a no brainer. For every successful tailgate, you've got to have something to keep you hydrated… well, sort of.

2. Good Company

Invite all of your friends.  Tell your friends to invite all of their friends.   Don’t be afraid to meet new people. Surround yourself with fans just like you!

3. Something To Sit On

You’re not going to want to stand the entire tailgate so make sure you bring some chairs to sit in! If they come in your team's colors, even better!

4. Good Music 

Music is key to a good tailgate. Create a playlist with a variety of different tunes to please everyone at the party. You don’t want people fighting over the aux cord.

5. Colors to represent your team

Tailgating is all about supporting your team! Make sure you decorate your drinking spot with all types of different décor to show off your team spirit!

6. The 3 B's- Buns, Burgers, Brats

Mmmmm… I can smell the burgers and brats on the grill now. Hotdogs, sandwiches, chips/dip are also great tailgating foods. Don’t ever leave a tailgate hungry!

7. A Portable Grill

This isn’t really an essential item for your tailgate but it is definitely a plus to have!  A portable grill will take your tailgate to the next level and step up your food game.

8. Fun Games

Don't get me wrong, tossing a football around and playing a few rounds of flip cup can be fun, but try to have a variety of games that everyone can play. Think cornhole, kan jam, catch phrase, and ladder ball.

9. Trash Bags

Be respectful of the area you choose to have your tailgate. Don’t be that jerk who makes a mess and doesn’t clean up after themselves.

10. Customized apparel from CreateMyTee!

CreateMyTee has a wide variety of apparel you can customize and wear during your tailgate! Create your own Tailgate shirts to stand out this football season! 




Sep 8
12:19 PM

Client Spotlight: Hit The Cut-Off

This group of athletes in Ypsilanti, MI wanted to create some shirts for their co-ed softball team.

CreateMyTee helped create these awesome “Hit the Cut-Off” shirts for the team to wear on and off the field!

Sep 6
1:19 PM

Client Spotlight: MECA

The Manhattan Early College School for Advertising is an innovative Early College and Career high school located in New York City that offers an integrated sequence of high school classes, associate degree courses, and workplace learning experiences. 

CreateMyTee helped make these crewnecks for some of the girls at MECA to represent their group! 

Sep 1
3:47 PM

Client Spotlight: HC Dance Team

The Hunterdon Central Dance Team is located out of New Jersey.

Here are some pictures of the dancers wearing the t-shirts and tanks we helped create for their team! 

Aug 30
5:07 PM

Client Spotlight: Floatilla 2016

The 13th Annual Floatilla event took place recently on the Au Sable River in Michigan. 

They always have a lot of fun with their mime-themed designs. This is their 7th year working with CreateMyTee! 

Aug 25
4:38 PM

Client Spotlight: Stevens Family Reunion

The 40th Stevens Family Reunion takes place every summer in Wisconsin. 

CreateMyTee got to help design and print these t-shirts, worn by everybody at th event from the grandparents to the grandkids!