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Jul 24
3:51 PM

Client Spotlight: CrossFit Rebellion

Client Spotlight: CrossFit Rebellion

CrossFit Rebellion is located in Birmingham, Alabama.  They've been teaching classes since 2009.

Their Box offers the tools and environment that promote elite fitness, and their training atmosphere/camaraderie is second to none. 

CrossFit Rebellion has been working with CreateMyTee since 2014 to outfit their members with tees, tanks and hoodies.

Jul 17
1:37 PM

Client Spotlight: Paula Klein

Client Spotlight: Paula Klein

Paula wanted to commemorate her friend's bachelorette party with matching custom shirts.  Pink for the bridesmaids and white for the bride.

Below they can be seen celebrating in New Orleans, LA. 

Jul 10
2:55 PM

Client Spotlight: Kitchen Tune-Up

Customer Spotlight: Kitchen Tune-Up

Kitchen Tune-Up is a national franchise specializing in affordable kitchen updates. 

Every year, their franchise owners from across the country, vendors, and Home Office team gather for their National Reunion, which is a few days of training & networking. 

Since 2012, we've helped create comfortable polo shirts for their events. 

Jul 3
10:22 AM

Client Spotlight: Race to the End of Summer

Customer Spotlight: Race to the End of the Summer

Race to the End of Summer is a yearly event by Jems Racing in San Jose, CA.

Jems Racing is committed to creative course design, amazing customer service, and memorable experiences for their participants. 

The race includes a 5k, 10k, Half-Marathon, and Kid's Fun Run along the Coyote Creek Trail. 

Their proceeds benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  

Jems Racing has been working with CreateMyTee since 2011 to outfit all of their race participants and volunteers.

Jun 26
11:06 AM

Client Spotlight: Goat House CrossFit

Customer Spotlight: Goat House CrossFit

Goat House CrossFit is family-owned box located in Overland Park, Kansas.
(GOAT = a skill you don't like or aren't very good at)
They focus on conquering your GOAT.  Through individual instruction and small group classes, members' weaknesses become their strengths.
Check out the shirts they made with us earlier this year!

Jun 18
7:35 PM

TBT Client Spotlight: Si View's Softball Team

TBT Customer Spotlight: Si View's Softball Team

Say hello to the 2013 Si View Coed Softball Team Champions!

Si View Metro Parks are located in North Bend, WA.

We've been working with the Si View Metro park system since 2012 to help with all of their event based apparel.

Jun 12
11:03 AM

Client Spotlight: Just One Beer

Customer Spotlight: Just One Beer

Soccer, on a basketball court!  Who needs a field when you've got a cozy, lacquer covered court.

Just One Beer is a team that brings their all to the court each week.

Their fish themed jerseys are sponsored/inspired by the Bay Area's Fishbowl Bar & Grill.

Take a look at the team in action!

Jun 5
2:39 PM

Client Spotlight: Next Level CrossFit

Customer Spotlight: Next Level CrossFit

Next Level CrossFit is located in Lake Forest, CA. 

Alexandra Bardales has been working with CreateMyTee since early 2015 to out fit Next Level CrossFit.

This box dedicated to making your workout out something you look forward to everyday by building a strong community of like-minded, health focused individuals. 

Below you can see their most recent order!

May 29
1:31 PM

Client Spotlight: Bryan Lundstrom from Mountain Side CrossFit

Customer Spotlight: Bryan Lundstrom from Mountain Side CrossFit 

Bryan is the Head Coach and Owner of Mountain Side CrossFit, located in Lakewood, Colorado. 

Mountain Side CrossFit has built a community that focuses on functional body movements and real weights to improve overall conditioning, health, and fitness. 

We printed the shirts on the ends! 

May 21
4:03 PM

Client Spotlight: Swamp Donkeys FC

Customer Spotlight: Swamp Donkeys FC

If you're from the Grand Rapids, MI area, you've probably heard of the Swamp Donkeys FC. 

They play outdoor recreational soccer in West Michigan, and they play to win.

How do we know the SDFC? We printed their shirts! Oh, and Molly, a member of our production team, is one of their outside mid-fielders!


May 13
9:40 AM

Client Spotlight: Bethann from Sherwin Williams

Customer Spotlight: Bethann from Sherwin Williams

This week is National Painting Week for Sherwin Williams.

Bethann is the Store Manager for their Grand Rapids, MI location.

Throughout the week, they are painting for the Seidman Boys and Girls Club of Grand Rapids Youth Commonwealth.

Check out some of their team members wearing the shirts we printed for them last week!  


May 8
9:31 AM

Client Spotlight: Battle CrossFit

Customer Spotlight: Battle CrossFit

Battle CrossFit is located in Epsom, New Hampshire. 

Head trainer Rachael Strevig has been working with CreateMyTee since 2013.

Battle CrossFit focuses on building an environment where camaraderie and accountability are important. They emphasize the one on one relation you develop with their coaching staff. 

Below you can see one of their members sporting a CrossFit T-Shirt during a workout. 

Apr 29
3:52 PM

Client Spotlight: Brad Vickers

Customer Spotlight: Brad Vickers

Brad is a co-owner of Southern Tradition Tailgating, a company that has become a game-day necessity to college football fans in the South. 

The company is based out of Mississippi and offers a specialized service that takes the hassle out of tailgating. 

Since 2014, Brad has been ordering his Southern Tradition Tailigating Tees with CreateMyTee.

He can be seen below wearing this shirt while zip-lining in Honduras!

Apr 17
1:45 PM

Client Spotlight: Steve Trotter from CrossFit PWA

Customer Spotlight: Steve Trotter from CrossFit PWA

Steve is a Senior Coach, General Manager, and Head Programmer for CrossFit PWA, located in Acworth, GA. 

CrossFit PWA has placed apparel orders with CreateMyTee since 2014. 

They work together to better themselves and each other in Nutrition, Gymnastics, Weighlifting, Endurance, and all other aspects of physical and mental improvement. 

Below, members of the CrossFit PWA family can be seen wearing some of the T-Shirts they created with us.

Apr 10
12:30 PM

Client Spotlight: Jenna from Hoosier CrossFit

Hoosier CrossFit is located in Bloomington, Indiana and is co-owned by Shaun and Jenna Tieman. 

Since 2013, Jenna has been using CreateMyTee for all of her box's apparel needs. 

Hoosier CrossFit believes in supporting their community. Every month, they host free community workouts, outside-of-the-gym get togethers, and fundraiser workouts that help raise money for local charities. 

Pictured below are Shaun and Jenna wearing their Indiana Tanks/Tees that are helping to raise money for Indiana CrossFitters who make it into the CrossFit games. 



Mar 27
12:34 PM

Client Spotlight: Ashley HS. from Liberty Church

Customer Spotlight: Ashley HS. from Liberty Church 

Ashley has been using CreateMyTee since late 2010.  As the Director of Operations for Liberty Church she takes the lead on ordering all the apparel for the church's staff, volunteers, and events throughout the year.

Opening in 2003, Liberty Church is located in Liberty, Pennsylvania and is dedicated to taking a creative, compelling, and fun approach to worship.

Their "I Love My Church" Tees are worn at their events, and are given out to their volunteers year-round.  Below is a shot from one of their Kids Karnivals.

Apr 18
1:28 PM

Customer Spotlight: Yoga Works, Brooklyn Heights

A new Yoga Works is about to open up in Brooklyn Heights, NY, and they're stocking up on custom apparel for their memebers.

We like to be flexible when it comes to working with yoga studios, which is why the apparel you see in the pictures below aren't readily available on our normal Shop page.

Like always,if you're looking for a garment we don't offer on our Shop page, all you have to do is Contact Us and we'll do our best to help you find the garment you're looking for, or some comparable alternatives.


Oct 3
3:28 PM

What to Keep in Mind When You’re Picking Out a Halloween Costume

It gets cold at night:

Start with a plan that involves layers.  Some examples would be

Antartic mummy, complete with snow suit.

Flannel salesmen, complete with wearable samples

People have cameras and Facebook accounts:  

You don’t want embarrassing pictures of you popping up all over Facebook. Find a good balance between fun and appropriate.  Or…you can wear a mask.

You can do a lot with household items:

Halloween stores are great, but you probably have a bunch of stuff lying around that you can use for this year’s night out.

It’s okay if someone else is wearing your costume: Don’t feel as though you have to go above and beyond and think of something wholly unique.  Just wear what you want and roll with it.

You will lose a piece of your costume:

If you have hats, sunglasses, bracelets, capes, or fangs, you will not have them by the end of the night.

Oct 1
5:40 PM

CreateMyTee is Looking Forward to Fall


 October is here and everyone seems to be super thrilled… but why? The sun goes down earlier, the air gets cooler, and the leaves start to fall off the trees. But that’s exactly it… when the sun goes down earlier, kids come in sooner for a delicious turkey dinner followed by pumpkin pie. The air gets cooler which mean we get to start wearing lounge worthy pants, long sweatshirts, and comfy scarfs. The leaves will fall, but only after they turn a beautiful orange, red and yellow. Once they’ve fallen, we all get to act like kids again and play in the perfectly crunchy leaves.  Not satisfied yet?  Maybe you’re looking forward to one these things?

  • The MLB Playoffs
  • The arrival of Hockey
  • Cider mills
  • Hayrides
  • Pumpkin CarvingHaunted Houses
  • Halloween
  • Beautiful Scenery
Sep 20
2:01 PM

Tigers Nickname Contest

We got into a friendly dispute today over who came up with the best nickname on the Tiger’s roster. Some “genius” nicknames were…

Smyly- “The Joker”

Coke- “Dealer”

Jackson-“Action Jackson”

… you get the point.  Instead of arguing with each other all day, we thought we’d leave it up to some outside helo to come up with some much more creative nicknames for the Tiger’s bench.

Everyone is invited to enter their most creative nickname from now until the end of the Chicago White Sox series on Sunday, September 20th. The following Monday, we will be announcing the 3 best nicknames and the three winners will receive a free “Shirt Happens” t-shirt, a pair of sunglasses, and a CreateMyTee coozie.  

Sound off in the comments section below.