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Sep 11
5:13 PM

Client Spotlight: Coral Tower Staff

The staff at Coral Tower from New York University were in need of some matching tees!

CreateMyTee had the pleasure of helping create these Finding Nemo-insipred shirts for the leaders to wear.

Aug 22
5:29 PM

Client Spotlight: D'Anna/Dana Family Reunion

Summer is the season for family reunions, and we love helping families across the country celebrate with matching tees!

Check out the D'Anna/Dana family wearing shirts we helped create at their reunion! 

Aug 9
4:08 PM

Client Spotlight: Sue's 60th Birthday

Sue's friends and family wanted to commemorate her 60th birthday with something matching t-shirts. 

CreateMyTee helped design these Jack Daniels-inspired shirts for her birthday bar crawl! 

Aug 7
1:39 PM

Client Spotlight: King of Kings Mission Trip

The King of Kings Senior High Youth Group recently went on a Mission Trip to Crow Reservation in Montana.

CreateMyTee had the pleasue of helping create these matching tees for the group ot wearing during the trip! 

Jul 31
5:01 PM

Client Spotlight: LASO Softball

The Latin American Student Organization from Farmingdale State College needed some matching jerseys for their softball team to wear.


We loved helping create these baseball tees for them to wear during games!



Jul 27
11:56 AM

Client Spotlight: DrexelVeg

DrexelVeg (a student organization made up of vegans, vegetarians and others who want to help animals & stay healthy) needed some promotional tees to wear around campus.


CreateMyTee had the pleasure of helping them create these tees and tanks!


Jul 25
4:39 PM

Client Spotlight: AWIS

The Ladies of the Emory Graduate Association for Women in Science were in need of some stand-out tees for an event this Spring.


Check out these members wearing the shirts we helped create during the March for Science.


Jul 20
12:46 PM

Client Spotlight: 2017 Paper Chase 5K

We've gotten the opportunity to work with The Paper Chase 5K Run/Walk in Michigan for the past couple of years. 

Check out these partiicapnts wearing the shirts at the finish line! 


Jul 18
9:58 AM

Customer Spotlight: AOPi Mom's Day

The sisters of Alpha Omicron Pi were in need of some matching tees for themselves and their moms to wear during their annual Mom’s Day!


CreateMyTee had the pleasure of helping design these fun floral tees for the event.



Jun 28
5:45 PM

Client Spotlight: Nursing Bar Crawl

Bar crawls are a great reason to order custom apparel! What better way to commemorate the night's events than with matching tees?

We had the pleasure of helping this group of nurses create these shirts to wear during their crawl around town.



Jun 22
5:46 PM

Client Spotlight: Indy 500

We love helping families & friends commemorate events with custom apparel! Check out these shirts we helped design for this group attending the Indy 500. 

They used these shirts to help with a competition they had between themselves throughout the day of the of the race! 

Jun 13
11:04 AM

Client Spotlight: Velocity Dance Team

The Velocity Dance Team from Bryant University was in need of some shirts for their Expo this April. 

CreateMyTee had the pleasure of helping create these colorful tees for the event!

Jun 5
3:13 PM

Client Spotlight: Alpha Phi Soul Cycle

The sisters of Alpha Phi in Buffalo, NY were in need of some matching tanks for spring events around campus. 

CreateMyTee helped the sorority with this Soul Cycle-inspired design!

May 24
9:59 AM

Client Spotlight: Albion College Women's Lacrosse Team

We got our start at Albion College, so we love when we get to work with their organizations/teams on custom apparel! 

Check out these fundraising shirts we helped create for the Women's Lacrosse team.

May 24
9:39 AM

Client Spotlight: FabriTech

Check out this group photo of the staff at FabriTech, a business in Indiana who specializes in textiles. 

We've had the pleasure of working with this company since 2010 to create some great shirts! 

May 16
11:26 AM

Client Spotlight: Dreaming For A Cure

This Relay for Life team is dreaming of a cure for cancer while supporting the cause during one of North Carolina's walks. 

CreateMyTee had the pleasure of creating matching shirts for the team to wear at the event! 


May 9
7:38 PM

Client Spotlight: Birthday Bar Crawl

What better way to celebrate a birthday than with a bar crawl!? That's what this group decided to do to celebrate Sue's special day. 

We were lucky enough to help create these shirts for the group to wear on their night out! 


May 2
4:22 PM

Client Spotlight: Race the Helix

CreateMyTee has had the pleasure of working with Greenwood Genetic Center on their Race the Helix event for a few years. 

Check out these participants racing through the finish line in their bright green shirts! 

Apr 26
11:07 AM

Client Spotlight: Junior League of Los Angeles

The Junior League of Los Angeles was in need of some apparel for a fundraising 5K they participated in. 

CreateMyTee had the pleasure of helping create these team shirts for them to wear at the event!

Apr 19
10:13 AM

Client Spotlight: CrossFit K Block

CrossFit K Block is located in Kaneohe, Hawaii and prides itself on promoting a healthy lifestyle in a community setting. 

CreateMyTee has had the pleasure of working with this box on their apparel for the last couple of years!