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Campus Reps

Interested in joining the CreateMyTee team?!

CreateMyTee is looking for college students to perpetuate the buzz and spread the t-shirt love.

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CreateMyTee Reps are outgoing and love meeting new people. If they mapped out their social circle, they'd run out of paper.  CreateMyTee Reps work hard to gain sales and marketing experience that they can weave into their day to day lives on campus.

CreateMyTee Reps aren’t your typical sales people. Their enthusiasm is only outweighed by their work ethic. To say CreateMyTee Reps are involved on campus would be an understatement. If they aren't the person coordinating the event, they know the person who is. CreateMyTee Reps thrive on making new friends, overcoming challenges, taking care of people, and making Shirt Happen for every t-shirt buyer on campus. If you don’t fit this mold, then this job probably isn’t for you.

You are selling and marketing a product that will always be in demand.  Whether its Greek life, res life, student clubs, or sports teams, you can help them order their next batch of shirts with ease.

What CreateMyTee Reps Do:

  • Reps are paid on COMMISSION and earn money every time one of their customers chooses for their custom apparel needs.
  • Reps are network hubs who market CreateMyTee to all of the people who need custom apparel using Facebook and other channels.
  • Reps promote the value of CreateMyTee, and talk to everyone about why CreateMyTee provides the best custom t-shirt experience in the history of the world.
  • Reps follow up and make sure those people use CreateMyTee when placing an order.
  • Reps make money every time someone they refer uses CreateMyTee to order custom apparel.

What are the perks being a CreateMyTee Rep?

  • Work whenever you want.
  • Make as much money as you want.
  • Have an awesome time selling an awesome product.
  • Work with a team of innovative, passionate, high energy t-shirt lovers.
  • Gain resume building, real life sales and marketing experience.
  • Live, Breathe, and be the face of CreateMyTee on your Campus.
  • Make Shirt Happen!!!


Apply Now!

If you have any questions at all about the position, please CONTACT US!