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Community Reps

Looking for a part time job to to provide supplimental income?   Looking for something exciting and fun?   Want to Make Shirt Happen in your community? 

What are the benefits of the job?

This position is designed to provide supplemental income for people with time in their schedule to make some extra money.  CreateMyTee Community Reps put in an average of 5-8 hours per week, building and maintaining their customer base.  Unlike other sales positions, we will never ask for any out of pocket cash.  Everything you need to succeed will be provided at no cost.

We’re not looking to add a larger burden to your schedule.  Think of the position as something you blend into your everyday life rather than stacking it on top of your list of responsibilities.  If you’re well connected within your community, then you’ve already laid a lot of the ground work for a successful sales network.

Our Community Reps earn a monthly stipend, plus commission on all sales.  For the first three months, the compensation breakdown is as follows:

Base: $100 per month

Compensation: 7.5% on orders of $750 and under, 10% on orders greater than $750

After the initial three months on the job, we evaluate your progress, and increase the stipend accordingly.  Evaluations are based on a reps results, effort, and future sales potential.  Additionally, the commission rates reset as follows:

5% on orders of $750 and under, 7.5% on orders greater than $750

Many reps earn upwards of $20 per hour if not more.  It goes without saying that your individual results are dependent on your effort.  Ultimately, the more time you have to dedicate to the position the higher your earning potential.

How does the sales process work?

It might not seem obvious, but orders come from many different places within your community.

  • School Districts
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Local Businesses
  • Runs/Charity Events
  • Camps
  • Gyms
  • Municipalities
The majority of your responsibilities as a rep take place during the early stages of any order.
  • Identifying the customer’s needs and introducing them to the site.
  • Answering any initial questions the customer has about our ordering process.
  • Providing assistance with placing the order if the customer needs it.
  • Extending the relationship with the customer so they come back for any repeat business.
  • Keeping in touch with your regional support so we can help you out when you run into a sales road block, or customer you’re not quite sure how to handle.
Once the order is created, we take care of all of the other important details.  You never have to worry about order info, order deadlines, or anything else that would hinder the orders completion.  We want to make your involvement with clients as easy as possible for you so that you’re never overwhelmed by any of your CreateMyTee related duties.

How am I supported?

We put a great deal of time and effort into the way in which we provide support for our Community Reps.  To put it simply, we will spend marketing dollars towards helping you succeed.  This may include shirts, fliers, samples, business cards, or whatever else the customer may need to make his or her decision.

Beyond the marketing materials, you will also be partnered one on one with one of our experienced regional managers.  Your regional manager is your life line into the office.  He or she will start of as a guiding force as you learn the ropes and begin building up your customer base.  The relationship grows from their so that whenever you need them, they’ll be there to answer questions, bounce ideas off of, or push customized resources your way.

Our goal with support is to make sure that you’re always comfortable in your role as a Rep and that you never feel like you’re a lone voice trying to generate sales.

Filling out the application:

Your application will be reviewed by our manager of Rep Relations, and you'll be contacted to set up an interview.  During the interview, feel free to ask any additional questions that you may have about the position.  We will try to get to know you the best we can to make sure CreateMyTee is going to be a good fit for you.

The interview shouldn't last longer than 40 minutes, and will be condutced over the phone.


Apply Now!

If you have any questions at all about being a Community Rep, please CONTACT US!