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Meet the Crew

The crew is a group of dynamic and unique individuals who are passionate about providing you the best experience when ordering custom t-shirts or apparel for your group, team or event. On each and every order, you work one-on-one with two members of the CreateMyTee Crew, including a Shirt Specialist and a Professional Artist. Read more below to get to know each of us.

Josh Fales


Josh Fales was born for entrepreneurship and has always known he wanted to start his own business. Even in high school, when Josh was in need of extra money, his first instinct was always to work for himself rather than look for a part-time job. He quickly found that he could make money by finding a need within his local community and creating a service to fulfill it. With the support and encouragement of his parents, Josh started and maintained a successful business of power-washing and sealing decks for four summers over his high school career.

After graduating Josh passed down his lucrative high school start-up to a friend and moved on to pursue a degree in Economics & Management from Albion College in Albion, Michigan. It was there in 2005 when he (again) found himself in need of a little extra spending money. This time, as a senior member of the Sigma Nu fraternity on campus, the local need he recognized was in the custom t-shirt design and printing industry. He realized the enormous potential in the custom printing market not only within his own fraternity, but across the entire campus. Enter the birth of CreateMyTee! Josh and several of his fraternity brothers ran with the idea and after selling over $25,000 in custom apparel during the course of the year, Josh knew they had come up with something special.

The thought of turning CreateMyTee into a full-fledged e-commerce business stayed with Josh after he graduated. Fales partnered with local talent and reunited with his college buddies, and has since embraced his role as President and Founder of his own company. He now happily spends his days offering customers the best custom t-shirt experience imaginable.

John Burnside

Vice President, Director of Technology

John joined the CreateMyTee crew in the summer of 2008. Having founded his own web development firm out of college, John brought experience in both entrepreneurship and the finer points of website design and web application development.

Throughout his involvement with CreateMyTee, John has built, supported and expanded the very website you're looking at. We're sorry you don't get to see the fun part that actually helps run the entire CreateMyTee enterprise. John holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan and is Microsoft certified in both web application development and database development.

Steve Hall

Director of Operations

Steve came on at a crucial time for CreateMyTee. Being a Biology major graduate, one might wonder why he is now managing operations and customers. Well, they saw his expertise shine through his philanthropic endeavors during college along with his constant interest in CreateMyTee which ultimately landed him the job. They also saw this as an opportunity to give him a ridiculous nickname – Dr. Ops.

Steve handles the daily flawless execution of every single custom t-shirt order. He continues to strive for excellence in every area possible, hoping to be the best asset to the crew that he can.

John Hogan

John Hogan has accumulated and brings to the table 15 years of technology, marketing, and strategy experience.

Building solutions based on the needs of middle market companies to achieve competitive advantages. John has consistently been a leading visionary for us and strives for the next big thing with CreateMyTee. Through working with GE Lighting and Sherwin Williams and as a consultant with Price Waterhouse and Clarus, John has been on the cutting edge of ideas and knowledge throughout the development of CreateMyTee.