Collecting sizes & payments made easy

CreateMyTee Group Ordering makes your job as an order organizer so simple! Approve your designs, then invite others to join. Set custom pricing to use Group Ordering as a fundraiser for your organization!

Step 1 - Approve Your Custom T-Shirt & Apparel Design

Perfect Your Design

Submit a free design request to our professional artists or create your own awesome design in our Creative Studio! Once your design is perfect, you can set the ordering deadline and item pricing.

Step 2 - Invite Participants

Invite Everyone

Send a simple link to friends, family, teammates, or co-workers who may want to participate in this order. They'll be able to preview each item and enter their own sizes and payment info.

Step 2 - Close Your Order

Close Your Order

After all participants have entered their info, you'll close your order and send it to print! You'll receive tracking info by e-mail as soon as your order ships.

Want to fundraise or make money?

CreateMyTee Group Ordering is the perfect solution

On every CreateMyTee Group Order, you may choose to set a custom price for each item. If the final amount paid by participants is more than the normal CreateMyTee price for each item, we'll send you a check for the difference. This makes for a great fundraiser for your organization or a few bucks of profit for yourself if you're the entrepreneurial type!

Group Ordering FAQ

Find answers to the most common questions about our Group Ordering service. Contact us if you have further questions!

Getting Started

  1. Simply start an order by by submitting a free design request to our professional artists or by creating your design in our Creative Studio. Once you approve your design, you'll have the option to turn the order into a Group Order and invite others to participate.

  2. The Order Organizer is the person who submits the initial CreateMyTee order, approves the design, sets the Group Ordering deadline, and invites others to participate. After the ordering deadline passes, the Order Organizer is responsible for closing the order and sending it to print.

Participants & Security

  1. Once you've finished the Group Order setup process, you'll receive a link that people can use to join your Group Order. Or you can send people to and provide them your Order # and password (if you set one). From there, they can enter their selections.

  2. Anyone! Just provide them the join link and they may enter their selections.

  3. Yes! During Group Order setup, you may enter a password that participants must enter to join.

  4. Yes! Visit My Account and click "Manage Group Order" for your order. You will see the total, balance, and a link to view each participant's order. In addition there is a link to view the entire order breakdown by participant, which is helpful in distributing everyone's items.

  5. Yes! Visit My Account and click "Manage Group Order" for your order. There is a form allowing you to easily send a message to all participants.


  1. During Group Order setup, you'll select one of two pricing methods for each item in the order:

    • Estimated Quantities: Provide the estimated minimum and maximum quantity you expect your group to order. We'll provide an estimated price range participants will see when entering their selections. NOTE: The final price of the item will be based on the final quantity ordered by the group. We highly recommend making a conservative minimum quantity estimate so that participants are not surprised by a higher final price.
    • Custom Pricing: This method allows you to set the exact price for each item. The actual price of the item will be based on the final quantity ordered by the group. If the actual price is less than the custom price, we'll send the Order Organizer a check for the profit. If the actual price is more than the custom price, the Order Organizer will be responsible for paying the difference. This feature allows the Order Organizer to use CreateMyTee as a fundraiser or subsidy for your group!
  2. Yes! During Group Order setup, just select Custom Pricing for each item (as described in "How are Group Order items priced?") and set the custom price higher than the expected per item price. After the order closes, we'll send you a check for the difference!

  3. Yes! During Group Order setup, just select Custom Pricing for each item (as described in "How are Group Order items priced?") and set the custom price lower than the expected per item price. Your participants will pay the price you set. When you check out, you'll pay the difference between the participant price and the actual price. This is great for schools or teams that can afford part of the cost of an order, but not the entire cost.


  1. During Group Order setup, you may select one of two payment methods:

    • Collective: Select this method if you will pay for the entire order after everyone enters their selections.
    • Individual: Select this method if you would like everyone to enter their own payment info. During check out, each participant's form of payment will be processed. They will receive an e-mail receipt or failure notice. There is an additional charge of $.25/item due to the processing fees incurred in handling payment separately for each individual.
  2. CreateMyTee accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

  3. Yes! CreateMyTee understands some organizations prefer to pay via terms. During checkout, the Order Organizer may request to pay via CreateMyTee Credit. Once requested, we will review your information as quickly as possible and make a decision. If you are not approved, you will be required to pay for the order in full before we proceed any further. CreateMyTee Credit is NOT available to order participants, just the Order Organizer.


  1. Free ground shipping to a single location is included with each group order.

  2. Yes! Our team can ship each participant's items to their address for an additional cost per participant. Ask your CreateMyTee Project Manager about split shipping when setting up your group order to get complete details.

  3. The turnaround time for each order varies. This is because orders consist of three phases: 1) Design 2) Printing and 3) Shipping.

    DESIGN occurs first and the duration depends on how many design revisions are required. You will receive your first proof within one business day.

    PRINTING does allow us to provide exact turnarounds. After your Group Order deadline passes and you check out, your order will ship in six business days. Highly complex orders or orders with unique garments may require additional printing days, which your Project Manager will immediately share with you.

    SHIPPING depends on your location. You may view our Standard Shipping Delivery Time Map to estimate the number of transit days for your order. As always, our Project Managers will work with you to make sure your custom t-shirts or apparel arrive on time.

    National Holidays: CreateMyTee does not ship on the following national holidays:

    • New Year's Eve
    • New Year's Day
    • Memorial Day
    • Independence Day
    • Labor Day
    • Thanksgiving
    • Day after Thanksgiving
    • Christmas Eve
    • Christmas Day
  4. Standard shipping takes 1-5 days, depending on your location. See our Standard Shipping Delivery Time Map for an estimate of transit time once your order is shipped.

  5. Yes, your Project Manager will work with you if rush options are required.

  6. Yes, but via ground only. It is our experience that due to Customs clearance ground shipments are just as fast as overnight shipments.

  7. Currently we ship within the United States and to Canada.