Girls on the Run Program & Camp Shirts

Welcome to the Girls on the Run program & camp shirt ordering info page! Below you'll find all the info you need to place orders for your council.

About CreateMyTee

Founded in 2005, CreateMyTee has been printing custom t-shirts and apparel for nearly 20 years. We are based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and printing is handled at our production facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We take pride in providing first-class customer service. On every order, you'll work with a CreateMyTee project manager and professional artist to perfect your artwork, plan your timeline, and confirm order details before sending it to print. We look forward to ensuring your council has a wonderful experience!

Placing An Order

Each season we'll start with a master order template containing all of the available program or camp shirt options (colors, short/long sleeve, participant/coach, etc). From the master template, you'll complete the following process over a period of time to officially submit your order. You may initiate multiple orders for a season for circumstances such as needing to receive your coach shirts earlier than participant shirts.

  1. Start a new order (use the orange buttons below, which will become active once designs have been approved for the season)
    • Select the items in the master template to include in the order
    • Indicate which items will have back artwork
    • Select your primary shipping address (to help determine order timeline)
    • Enter any important dates
  2. Work with your professional artist to perfect artwork
  3. Work with your project manager to confirm order details and determine your ordering deadline
  4. Enter (or upload from Pinwheel) your quantities for each item and size
  5. Officially submit your order for printing

Ordering Webinar

Program Shirt Pricing

Shirt Style Unit Price With Custom Back Art (includes Base Unit Price)
24-99 Shirts 100-249 250-499 500-4,999 5,000+
Youth Short Sleeve 3.55 5.10 4.90 4.60 4.40 4.30
Adult Short Sleeve 3.80 5.35 5.15 4.85 4.65 4.55
Long Sleeve 7.25 8.80 8.60 8.30 8.10 8.00

Camp Shirt Pricing

Shirt Style Unit Price With Custom Back Art (includes Base Unit Price)
24+ Shirts
Youth Short Sleeve 4.75 6.30
Adult Short Sleeve 5.00 6.55

Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Support

  1. Every CreateMyTee order is assigned a project manager and professional artist. Your project manager is an expert in our process and will be with you the entire way to answer questions and plan your order timeline. Your artist will handle any art additions or changes.

  2. To contact your project manager or artist, simply visit the Art Center for your order, available from your orders page. In the Art Center, click "New" in the messages section. You may also use our contact us page or call us at (888) 392-9631, but we recommend using the Art Center.

My Account

  1. Council Directors or those in charge of merchandise should have received an email from CreateMyTee with User ID and password information. If you need any assistance, please use the form on this page to send us a message. Please include your council name in your request.

Placing an Order

  1. We recommend starting an order as far in advance as possible. As soon as you create an order, you'll be able to see the order in the My Orders section of your CreateMyTee account. The order's Art Center will also be available. You may use the Art Center to review digital proofs and communicate with your project manager about the order timeline.

    You do not need to have all of your logos to begin your order. It is helpful to start with what you have and to identify how many logos you are expecting. Then, as your approach your order deadline, upload all the remaining logos at once so your artist may create your final proofs in one batch.

  2. No, however, if there is a specific project manager or artist you would like to work with, please note the request in your order.

  3. Once you are happy with your artwork and you have final quantities and sizes, use the "Checkout" button on your My Orders page or in the Art Center to begin the checkout process. During checkout, you'll upload or enter quantities, confirm shipping info, and make a payment selection. Once this process is complete, your order has officially been sent to print.

  4. For program shirts, standard orders will be shipped in 5-7 business days and orders with custom back artwork will be shipped in 10 business days.

    For camp shirts, orders will be shipped in 5-7 business days.

    The daily cutoff time for the current business day to count is 3PM Eastern.

  5. Additional shirts can be ordered. To do this, click "Start a New Program Shirt Order" on this page. Simply choose the shirts you want to order, follow the prompts, and note in the final step this is an order of additional shirts. Your artist will prepare any digital proofs as needed and then you may checkout.

    There is a minimum order of 24 for shirts with back artwork. Any order with less than 24 shirts will have no artwork on the back.


  1. Yes! When starting an order, you'll be offered the option to add back artwork to any item. Please describe your back art needs as specifically as possible, including any text to include (i.e. "COACH") and how logos should be arranged. You may also contact your project manager at any time to add back artwork.

  2. Visit the Art Center for your order, available from your orders page. In the Art Center, click "Add Files" for any item. Select the files from your computer, then provide notes that will be helpful to you artist, such as how logos should be sized and organized on the shirt.

    If the same logos are to be used on multiple items, you only need to upload them once. Just include a mention in the notes.

  3. If you have the majority of your logos or back art ready, please upload them as early as possible so your artist can get started. Then upload the balance of final logos when they are set. Please don't upload them individually over time as your artist will be most efficient if they get them in as few batches as possible.

  4. Logos should be submitted in original artwork vector formats (.EPS, .AI, .SVG). These formats ensure the highest print quality and minimize the time it takes for your artist to prepare your digital proofs.

    If you submit in raster formats (.JPG, .PNG, .GIF), our artists will review the quality to determine if it is convertable. Please note it is possible to embed a raster image (.JPG, .PNG, .GIF) inside a vector file (.EPS, .AI, .SVG); files of this type will also need to be converted. If the file is convertable to a print-ready high resolution file, a $15 charge per logo will apply. If not convertable, our artists will request a higher quality file.

  5. No. Your custom back art from previous seasons is saved in My Orders under your profile. When creating orders in future seasons, please note any logos you'd like to reuse from a previous season.

  6. Yes! You may upload all logos or a fully-designed back art layout in one file. The file must be vector format (.EPS, .AI).

  7. Yes. The Coach Shirt option does not automatically include "COACH" on the back as some councils also choose to use "Volunteer" and some do not print anything on the back of COACH shirts. You also have the ability in this step to add your local sponsor logos on the back of the shirt as well!

  8. No. The program and camp shirts will automatically include any National Sponsor logos on the front of the shirt.


  1. Yes, but only for Girls on the Run program and camp shirts, not Heart & Sole.

Standard Packing, Split-Packing, and Split-Shipping

  1. Standard orders are packed with all shirts together, organized by size, across one or more boxes. Sizes will need to be split out by team once received.

  2. Split-packed orders, are boxed by team and all boxes are shipped to a single destination. This eliminates the time-consuming task of splitting up a large order by sizes for distribution.

    There is no additional charge for split-packing. Split-packing is only available for program shirt orders.

  3. Split-shipped orders are boxed according to the Pinwheel data upload (generally by team) and shipped direct to separate locations.

    The cost of the shipments will be added to the final order cost and invoice. Split-shipping is only available for program shirt orders.

  4. If you want your order split by team and shipped to a single destination, select split-packing. Or, if you have a limited number of locations you'd like to ship to (generally 1-3 locations), you may initiate separate orders, one for each destination, with split-packing for each.

    If you want your order shipped to more than three locations, we recommend split-shipping.

    Please note split-packing and split-shipping are only available for program shirt orders.

  5. For standard packing, you will simply enter your total quantity for each size during checkout.

    For split-packed and split-shipped orders, which are only available for program shirts, you will use a new Pinwheel report in a .csv format to upload all selections to the website during checkout. Split-packed orders will ignore any address info in the file as all orders will be shipped to a single location. Split-shipped orders will use the address info in the file to determine the quantities to be shipped to each location.

    Once you download the file from Pinwheel, we recommend you review the CSV file for accuracy. You may also make manual adjustments if needed to change/pad any quantities or shipping addresses. You may also add one or more lines to the file, for example, to send extras to a separate location for distribution as needed by specific teams.

  6. CSV, which stands for "comma-separated variables" is a very simple file format used to represent a table of data, where each cell is separated by a comma.

    You may open and edit CSV files in Excel, Google Sheets, or a text editing program, such as Notepad on Windows or TextEdit on a Mac.

  7. Open the file in Excel and select "Save As" then change the save type to ".csv."

    CSV is a plain-text format so it may warn you that any formatting will be lost, which is fine and you may proceed.


  1. Free ground shipping is included for any standard or split-packed order. For split-shipped orders, the collective cost of the individual shipments will be added to the order total.

  2. Shipments are almost always shipped via UPS Ground, but other carriers may be used for special circumstances.

  3. We strongly encourage you to ship to a business address, but we can ship to residential addresses as well.

  4. Standard shipping takes 1-5 days, depending on your location. See our Standard Shipping Delivery Time Map for an estimate of transit time once your order is shipped.

  5. Yes. You may ask your project manager about rush shipping options, including overnight and second day, available for an additional charge. They will work with you to determine the best option.

Payment & Sales Tax

    • Credit Card (with 3% surcharge)
      Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover
    • ACH (with NET 30 Terms)
      Enter your bank account info during checkout or ask your Project Manager for our ACH info
    • Check (with NET 30 Terms)
      2531 Jackson Ave., #326
      Ann Arbor, MI 48103
  1. Sales Tax Exemption is a separate status from 501(c)3 status. Each council is a separate legal entity and has varying state laws regarding sales tax exemption. CreateMyTee is required by regulations to have a certificate on file to not collect sales tax.

    Please go to the My Council page to upload a certificate for review. During checkout please indicate that the order is exempt from taxes and select the certificate.


Our hours are 8-5pm Eastern Monday-Friday. How to reach us:

  • Send a message to your project manager or artist via your order's Art Center
  • Call us at (888) 392-9631
  • Send a message using the form below.
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